“I wonder if you know how grateful I feel for our work with you!”

“You taught us so much about being real‚ being tough when necessary‚ and sorting out what’s mine.”

“Your warm‚ witty and loving example helped us to find each other‚ and to take the kind of risks relationships require.”

“Thank you for creating a warm‚ safe‚ and nurturing space for both of us and for sharing your wisdom and skill.”














Typical issues people bring to my office:

bad fights
conflicts about sex
sexual problems
money battles
feeling flat‚ bored‚ disconnected
communication problems
conflicts over major decisions
feeling stuck and hopeless

I work with partnered and married couples‚ people planning on marriage and people thinking about divorce.

Saying it simply‚ you want “less ouch and more zing” in your relationship.

My job is helping the two of you get around the road blocks to your happiness.

My experience working with couples

I have worked with hundreds of couples since 1994. For over 10 years I was a clinical member of the Gottman Institute and presented couples workshops under their auspices.

In 2007 I began training with Terrence Real, an internationally recognized couples therapist. He is the author of The New Rules of Marriage. The New York Times called this book "a set of 'operating instructions' for modern couples". I received a Master Certification from Terrence Real in 2011.

Marathon sessions available

For out-of-state couples or people who live some distance from Seattle‚ I can arrange longer sessions over 2 or 3 days. This concentrated approach can be very effective.